About Plant Food Company

Plant Food Company provides peace of mind to professional lawn care companies, golf course superintendents, commercial vegetable farmers, and others through its liquid fertilizers and custom plant health solutions.

Plant Food Company was the first liquid fertilizer formulator in New Jersey and was established in 1946. Keeping ahead of the curve in every aspect of the liquid fertilizer industry, this family-owned business evolves every year formulating solutions for every problem.

We at Plant Food Company create the most universal and unique fertilizers available for the professional market. We are the true innovators in the liquid fertilizer formulation world. Our precision products are available to you from large tank trailer loads to our 2.5 Gallon jugs. Our family of employees and superior product line is sure to provide you with the peace of mind you dream of.


The History of Plant Food Company

Plant Food Company, Inc. was founded in 1946 by Edward Austin Platz under the name "Brookside Spreading Service." During the early years, Platz developed various dry fertilizer and lime application truck spreaders.

In 1962, Platz purchased 15 acres in Cranbury, New Jersey for a fluid fertilizer formulation facility. Here he developed fluid fertilizers such as Hi-Gro-Nite, Liq-Nu-Lizer, C.S.L.s and GREEN-T®. He also patented several machines for fluid fertilizer application.

On May 7th, 1977 Edward A. Platz passed away due to a sudden heart attack. The Platz family agreed to maintain ownership of the business. On March 13, 1981 the company was incorporated under the name Plant Food Chemical Co., Inc.

In the 1980s, the Plant Food Company formulated Blu-Gro®, a liquid fertilizer that continues to be one of its most popular starter solutions. It also developed a new line of natural organic products and changed its name to Plant Food Company, Inc.

Over the years, Plant Food Company introduced dozens more plant and soil fertility products to meet the needs of its growing audience. Today, it continues to provide golf course managers, commercial vegetable farmers, professional lawn care companies and other customers with quality liquid fertilizers.